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This is a brief story of how and why this office is something diferent from a traditional law firm.

When I finished my law studies, I began to practice law right away. I did not have a clear idea of the challenge that this entailed, among other reasons, because I was unaware of the court community, beyond youth readings or Anglo-Saxon films about lawyers, trials and great human dilemmas – ruled by a radically legal system opposite to ours-. My vision of law was then, upon graduation, abstract and naive: any resemblance to reality was pure coincidence.

I was accompanied by luck and, a few years after starting this adventure, I had extensive experience in the legal field and, perhaps, the most difficult to achieve: facing complex and high- profile issues, so that, almost from the beginning, I caught up on my work and professionally brushed the ceiling of a prestigious office …

However, I soon realized that the work of a lawyer stricto sensu neither satisfied my personal concerns, nor did it respond to what people who came to my office demanded.

This fact, together with my own personal development, led me to decide to specialize in family matters, where it seemed that the legal world became more humanized and individualized. So I began to train, first as a family counselor, and then as a psychologist. Finally, I completed my studies as a systemic family therapist.

Thus, Marta Gil Abogados office arises from the conviction that today, more than ever, it is urgent to reflect on our personal processes and act according to our own form, each one their own, respecting the integrity of the other. In this sense, I consider that crises in the family can be an opportunity for personal growth, as well as to reconsider and change those vital aspects that we wish to modify. That is the challenge we attempt to overcome and our offer is to guide you in this path.

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